12:30 PM12:30

SSG Art Workshop Series

Seaweed Pressings

Join Spring Street Gallery guest artist Mary Chatowsky Jameson as she leads us in a study on the seaweed that surrounds us. We will start the class by foraging for various seaweed specimens and then return to the gallery to press our findings into collaged works of art. Visit Mary’s website to see examples of her work. Not only has she shown at the gallery but is also a regular at the various arts and crafts fairs on the island throughout the summer. Cost of this class is $45 and includes transportation to foraging and all materials. We need a minimum of 4 students to hold this course so please email to sign up or feel free to sign up through the contact information on our website!

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to Apr 7

Photography Workshop Retreat w/ Cindy Wilson

**Cindy Wilson is the contact person for sign ups but portions of this workshop will take place at the Spring Street Gallery and we fully endorse this course**

I invite you to share my love of photography and Block Island for a three day workshop, April

5, 6 &, 2019. For this event, I have secured a private home on the island for visitors (islanders

will want the comfort of their own beds), scrumptious catered meals and an itinerary full of

lessons and on site photography.

In this workshop you will learn black and white settings on your camera, seeing light, shadow

and tones in black and white, the use of black and white as metaphor and the post processing

steps necessary to process a well crafted black and white image.

Cost per person with lodging and meals $675

Cost per person for tuition alone $275

Included in the tuition:

Lessons, on-site instruction, discussion and critique

For visitors: lodging in a private home, mouth watering catered meals, transportation

Meals are also available to island photographers

What you need to bring:

A camera capable of photographing in RAW mode

A laptop computer with software for RAW conversion (optional)

The workshop is limited to 10 people

Registration is on a first come first served basis

Pond Mansion Beach.jpg
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8:30 AM08:30

SSG Art Workshop Series: Camera to Computer

Digital Photography from Camera to Computer: An Introduction to Digital Photography

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Spring Street Gallery, Block Island

In this full day workshop, we first explore the camera menus and settings and digital terminology in the classroom.

The classroom experience will be followed by an in the field walkabout to practice our newfound knowledge.

In the afternoon, we will introduce the editing program ‘Photoshop Elements’. We will go through the workflow of downloading, enhancing and resizing images taken by students.

This class is designed for the beginning digital photographer or as a refresher course. All cameras welcome!

Date: Saturday November 3, 2018

Time: 8:30-4:30 with a break for lunch

Place: The Spring Street Gallery

Tuition: $150

Class is limited to 8 students

Register through Spring Street Gallery or contact Paige Gaffett (

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3:30 PM15:30

SSG Art Workshop Series

Tonal Painting Class


Join gallery member Claire Marschak to create this tonal dune and seascape painting.

We work with a limited palette and a variety of tools so it's a fun introduction to oil painting.

All supplies included and all levels welcomed. Cost is $30 

dune ssg.jpg
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to Oct 23

SSG Art Workshop Series

Pit Fire Pottery Class

Come join Gallery member John Warfel in this 4 part class. It will be 10/15, 10/16, 10/22 and 10/23 3PM-5PM each day (Please don’t let the start/end times above mislead you!) at John’s home studio. It is $30 per student (for all 4 days- not per day) and each student will have all of the materials provided to create their own hand-built ceramics and participate in pit-firing the pottery.

While we are calling this an “all ages class”, be aware there is a very important fire element involved so be prepared. Also, please be ready to get a little dirty.

Email or contact Paige at to sign up!

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11:00 AM11:00

SSG Art Workshop Series


Indigo dying class taught by Liz (The Traveling Seamstress!) at the Spring Street Gallery. This course is $25 and includes all materials and tutorial on how to dye fabric with indigo and at the end you will leave with your own hand-dyed material! Email to sign up: or through our the Spring Street Gallery Website.

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12:00 PM12:00

SSG Art Workshop Series

Low Light Photography Workshop

Don't miss this great opportunity to photograph inside the hidden spaces of the Southeast Light!  You will learn low light photography techniques practice long exposure photography while creatively interpreting interior spaces. 

Cindy Wilson will be your hands-on instructor to assist you in seeing and capturing unique images in this very historic and challenging environment. 

Bring your tripod!  All levels of photographers are welcome.

Thursday September 27, 2018, 12-4 PM

Place: The Southeast Light, Block Island

Tuition: $95

Maximum 8 students

Cindy Wilson will lead this course, assisted by gallery coordinator Paige Gaffett. 

*a portion of the cost per student will be donated to the Southeast Light

For more info and to sign up please contact or call, email or text Paige or the Spring Street Gallery

_CHW0603 copy.JPG
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to Sep 21

SSG Art Workshop Series


Digital Photography from Camera to Computer with Cindy Wilson

Block Island Fall 2018

In these two-session classes, students will first learn about their cameras, their settings, exposure & composition in a classroom, then practice in a walkabout session.

Class two will be in the classroom, where work will be shared & students will learn the process of downloading images, sizing and the basics of image enhancements. 

The Next Step class will focus on more advanced techniques such as composition, creative metering, focus modes and raw capture.

This class is designed for the beginning digital photographer, or those wishing a refresher course.

Dates: September 20th and 21st, Thursday and Friday

email to sign up and for more info

Place: Spring Street gallery

Day 1 


9AM -1 PM (basic class #1)

1:30-5:30 PM (the next step class 2)

Day 2 9-12 PM  (combined classes)

Tuition: $175 

Each class is limited to 8 students.

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3:00 PM15:00

SSG Art Workshop Series

Create your very own abstract expressionist painting. Michael Chapman will lead you through some techniques on visual form combined with layering color with texture. This exercise in painting will allow you freedom from conventional practices in visual art making.  

When: Thursday, September 19th
Time: 3-6pm

Cost: $45

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11:00 AM11:00

SSG Art Workshop Series

Come make your own beeswax kitchen wraps! Do away with plastic wrap and cellophane with these wax coated pieces of fabric- self adhesive and durable! Christine Griele of Littlefield Bee Farm will host this class and each student will leave with their own beeswax kitchen wrap(s) at the end of this one hour course.

$10 per student

Lightweight cotton fabric will be available but if you have your own, please bring it! We will have the other supplies as well but if you have any old irons or cheese graters hanging around, feel free to bring your own! Email for more info.

**This is a drop in class but if you'd like to sign up, please text, call or email the Spring Street Gallery or Paige.



single card.jpg
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5:00 PM17:00

Guest Artist Reception

Rosemary Connelli :: Dew of the Sea



Dew of the Sea

Rosemary Connelli began creating art when she was a child, inspired by her island environment. Growing up, she began to experience vivid dreams of whales approaching the island and would find herself in the dream helplessly rushing to the shore. “In dream interpretation, whales have been known to lead those back home when the time comes; in a sense, I am constantly being led back to the waters surrounding the island where I was raised”.

While she always had a strong love for the ocean, she also struggled with loving her own body. “How can a woman learn to love herself and the body she carries, when the world forbids her to do so? I adored my island sanctuary, but continued to shame and hate my own body; the vessel I call home”.

By combining her exploration for self love, the ocean and the whales surrounding her island home, she is happy to present her body of artwork produced from afar while studying as an undergraduate.

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5:00 PM17:00

Guest Artist Reception

Mary Newhouse: A Retrospective

Mary Newhouse ~ paintings & ceramics
Spring Street Gallery Aug 28 - Sept 3 2018

Mary Newhouse (1935-2010) was born & raised in Fitchburg, MA, and attended Smith College, where she received a BA in Art in 1957, with advanced studies in printmaking with the renowned teacher and artist Leonard Baskin. Her love of the ocean began as a small child, when her family summered in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. She grew up working summers in this small coastal town. She married Robert Newhouse, an ophthalmologist, and they lived in New York City, raising 3 daughters. Mary worked continuously on her own art, which included: oil and acrylic painting, photography, sculpture, wood and linoleum block printing, sewing, and hand-formed ceramics. Mary also worked as an elementary and high-school art teacher. In the 1970’s, Mary helped to found G.A.M.E (Growth through Art and Museum Experience) with Bette Korman.  G.A.M.E. brought art programs to public schools throughout the city. At this time, NYC was in a fiscal crisis, and art programs were eliminated from many public schools. With funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, G.A.M.E eventually became the Children’s Museum of Manhattan. Its audience has grown to 325,000 visitors each year, which includes 30,000 children who visit as part of a school group and more than 34,000 children served through offsite outreach programs.

Mary and Bob first visited Block Island in 1978, on the advice of friends. They immediately fell in love with the island, and began looking to purchase a property. With some trepidation, they ended up purchasing the Sea Breeze Cottages on Spring Street in 1979. The whole family worked hard fixing up the property’s cottages and planting the gardens.

The Sea Breeze Gallery was first established on-site in 1980. It comprised two rooms in the building that is closest to Spring Street, with art openings happening in the front area by the hedges. The Sea Breeze Gallery soon became a showcase for a wide variety of artists working in many different mediums, and was the first of its kind on the island to show mixed-media exhibits. It was also the first to feature an annual exhibit of artists from RISD, including graduates and faculty members. Artists from RISD include: Eve Kaplan, Barry Gerson, Trina Bumiller, Jack Wax, Gary Niswonger, Willie Dexter, Hank Adams, Liz Pannell, James Watkins and the infamous Dale Chihuly.  The Sea Breeze Gallery also showed the works of many other artists including: Margaretta Mitchell, Hank Adams, Tim Prentice,  Christopher James, Renate Winston, Robert Ellsworth, Francesco Clemente, Robert Kushner, Mary Harty and Peter De Rosa, and jewelry by Thomas Mann. Block Island artists included: Ben Wohlberg, Gayle Goldsmith, Sean Hartnett, John Urbain, Josie Merck, Bill Padien, Jerry Powers, Sharon Lehman, Tom McAleer, Marilyn Bogdanfy, Stu Littlefield, and Cynthia Bloom.  

The establishment of The Sea Breeze Inn, a 10 room intimate bed and breakfast, followed soon after, and continues to thrive under the management of Andrea Moynier, the Newhouse’s youngest daughter. All of the guest rooms at The Sea Breeze contain original artwork culled from over 30 years of gallery exhibitions. 

Mary was inspired by the beauty of the natural world around her, and not only conveyed this through her painting, but also through her volunteer work on the island. Mary was one of the original founders of The Committee for the Great Salt Pond, and spearheaded the “no-dumping” movement to protect the clean waters of New Harbor from vessel sewage. New Harbor is a breeding ground for many species, including the horseshoe crab. Thanks to Mary’s hard work, New Harbor is now a federally recognized No Discharge Zone, which protects aquatic habitats and makes pumpout facilities for boaters available. Mary was also a co-founder of Scenic Block Island, another grass-roots environmental group that grew from a desire to protect the island’s beautiful open spaces, small-scale architecture, and keep over-development at bay.  

In the summer of 2009, Mary unexpectedly succumbed to a rare bacterial infection. After a 6 month battle in the hospital with an aggressive treatment, her family chose to remove her from life support in February of 2010. 

Mary’s selected exhibitions include: Chase Gallery, Baltimore; Exit Gallery, NYC;  Alonzo Gallery, NYC; Bell Gallery, Greenwich, CT; Giraffics Gallery, Sag Harbor; Hatay Gallery, Northampton, MA;  No. 6 Depot, Stockbridge, MA; Virginia Breier, San Francisco, Scott Pfaffman Gallery, NYC, Terrapin Chelsea Gallery, NYC, Grey Art Gallery, NYU, Encore Gallery, Block Island, Sea Breeze Gallery, Block Island; and The Island Gallery, Block Island. Collections include: Smith College, IBM Corporation, Delouitte and Touche, Chase Manhattan, and the Fitchburg Art Museum.  Commissions include : Manhattan  Lab Museum, NYC Dept of Cultural Affairs, NYC Youth Festival, NYC Public Library, and many private collections. 

Most recently, her work was shown at the Deja Vu Gallery on BIock Island, in 2013. Her family is delighted to be sharing her paintings and porcelain ceramics with her beloved island once again. 

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5:00 PM17:00

Member Artist Reception

Robin Bell :: Photography

Robin Bell is having a show at the Spring Street Gallery on August 25th.  Her works are almost entirely digital images that combine ideas from painting, block printing and photography.  This work is experimental and nearly all of it began by accident after she signed up for the wrong class at art school.  It was a computer class for advertising and it taught how to make digital ads for things like the Bahamas and eyeglasses. It also gave Robin the opposite technical foundation that a traditional photographer would look for.  Instead, it pushed her on to invent digital methods to create abstract composites of real images that come out of Block Island.  Everything became a conversation between understandable and iconic scenes and their isolated and pure idea.  It all came from a wonderful enrollment mistake.

Every photo is from somewhere on Corn Neck Road on Block Island, within hiking distance from Robin’s home.  This pretty much limits her to a field, a dock, a pond, and one old house.   But there is lots of color, especially blue—blue is everywhere on an island. And there is lots of weather, so every day a different shape or color stands out, which is a take off point for more art.

Robin lives part time on Block Island and New York City.  She has studied at the School of Visual Arts and the International Center of Photography, both in New York, and the New England School of Photography in Boston.  They have all been great.

Great Salt Pond .jpg
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5:00 PM17:00

Guest Artist Reception

Berke Marye :: Paintings

The Spring Street Gallery is pleased to present paintings by Berke Marye. The show runs from Tuesday, August 21, – Monday, August 27, 2017. An opening reception will be held on Tuesday, August 21 from 5 – 7pm.

This new body of work is a departure from Marye’s earlier style of bold colors and composition. His pallet suggests a more ethereal energy that combines texture and subtle depths. Working out of a small studio mainly during the winter months Marye’s work reveals a nod to the chill and crispness of the shorter, colder days. What results are pieces that possess movement and fluidity. To challenge himself Marye likes to vary the shape and sizes of his canvas, which forces him to adjust his style and attitude towards each piece. Gallery hours are 11 - 6 pm daily.

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5:00 PM17:00

Member Artist Reception

Robin B Langsdorf and Karen Capuciati

Having a Party With the Moon

Have you ever had a party with the moon?

Spring Street Gallery is featuring new work from photographer Robin B. Langsdorf and ceramic artist Karen Capuciati – together in a show titled, Having a Party with the Moon.  The show runs August 14 through August 24. The public is invited to join the opening reception on Saturday, August 18 from 5-7 pm.

“For as long as I can remember I have been drawn to the extraordinary beauty of the moon in all its phases” says Robin. “I delight in its powerful shifting energy and how it affects planetary activity, including our oceans, people, animals and birds.  In another unrelated vein, I am also drawn to abandoned relics and the layers of paint left behind. Following a recent trip to Cuba I started seeing how the layers of color parallel the color and brilliance I observe in the rising moon and scenic skies.  That reflection inspired the idea, why not have a party with the moon?  In this show, I have paired images of the moon with layers of colorful paint in beautiful places.” 

Working separately over the winter, the moon became a focus of each artist as they developed art for this upcoming show.  “Earlier this season Robin sent me the images she had selected. I was struck by their sheer beauty, but also was amazed at the coincidence of the moon showing up in her work, as it did in mine” reflected Karen.  

“The moon reminds me that there is something bigger in effect, bringing me a grander perspective. When working with clay, shapes and designs come to me organically – and moons started to show up for me.”

Karen created and fired her pottery at Dunn Town Studio here on Block Island. The work is mostly raku-fired which is a firing technique adopted from Japan that uses an outdoor kiln from which pieces are pulled at molten-hot temperatures and placed into wood shavings which then combust into fire.  This dramatic process can create crackled glaze that is accentuated by the carbon that gets trapped in the reduction process.  

Robin and Karen are both members of the Spring Street Gallery — a non-profit artist cooperative. The gallery is open daily from 11am to 6pm.  

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5:00 PM17:00

Guest Artist Reception

Josie Merck

Josie Merck :: Spring Street Gallery :: Aug 14-21 2018

Josie Merck will be showing her paintings as a guest at the Spring Street Gallery between Tuesday,  August 14th and Monday, the 20th.  The work spans years of paintings trees in their various settings on Block Island. Some are portraits of trees long gone--- taken out by storms or old age. Some are portraits of familiar individuals—apple, shad, elm, or maple. The work is in a variety of materials--- watercolors, oils, and mixed media. Josie has shown her work on the island over the years primarily at Mary Newhouse’s Encore Gallery once in “The Tiffany Building” (now Lazy Fish) and later in the New Post Office Building. Encore embraced a vibrant cadre of artists some of whom now have new venues on island: Ben Wohlberg, Sean Hartnett, Bill Padien. Those no longer with us, whose work lives on, include Cynthia Bloom, Bakeland Roll, Mary Newhouse, and Tom Macaleer. Josie’s most recent show on Block Island was at Ned Phillips’ Aurora Gallery, “Natives, Invasives & Exotics”, which explored the wild flora and fauna of our natural island community.

The opening of the show will be on Tuesday 14 August from 5-7pm and will remain up for the week until Monday August 20st  from 10-6 daily.

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5:00 PM17:00

Guest Artist Reception

Mary Chatowsky Jameson: Ocean Botanicals

August 6 thru 13. 

Mary Chatowsky Jameson is the owner of Saltwater Studio in Newport, Rhode Island. She is an artist who explores the marine environment for inspiration in her artwork.  Her Marine Botanical pressings and collages are created from seaweed and organic elements collected on excursions throughout the northern Atlantic coast.

 “In my current body of work, I am exploring marine algae as a contemporary art form.  I collect specimens and organic matter from the intertidal zones along the coast.  Back at the studio I study the shape, texture and color of individual species and start a process of symbiotic layering to create new forms.  At times I do not combine specimens but am responding to the essence of an individual piece of algae.  It may be an essence that embodies the ocean, the unique properties of this organism, or simply my relationship to it at the moment.  A key concept with my work is transformation.  As I create new forms, the known and unknown intersect in a dynamic way to challenge thought patterns.  For most people, seaweed is a nuisance – something to avoid.  My work presents a new awareness for consideration and offers new insights into the mysteries and beauty of the marine world.”

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5:00 PM17:00

Member Artist Reception

Kate Bird & Lisa Robb :: Ebb and Flow :: Paintings

Ebb and flow is the rhythmic change of the ocean tides. A change that is responsible for producing the exquisite beauty of a cresting wave glistening with sunlight and the endless deposit of treasures along our shores. 


Show will be up from August 3rd-13th

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5:00 PM17:00

Guest Artist Reception

Maryalice Huggins :: Mixed Media

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5:00 PM17:00

Guest Artist Reception

Pamela Gelsomini :: "Summer Breeze" :: Paintings

Come and feel the Block Island summer breezes through Pam's work in acrylic. She will also serve delicious bites from her blog, Dish Off The Block at the opening

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1:00 PM13:00

Thea Monje

Local Islander Thea Monje will have her photographs on display as our guest artist this week! Opening Reception Tuesday July 17th from 5-7.

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